H.W. & Associates Janitorial Services

How We Operate...

Employment Policies

  • Criminal background checks are obtained                                             
  • Written application for employment
  • Work histories verified
  • References checked
  • Photo I.D. matched to social insurance number


  • Multi-disciplinary programs
  • On and off-site instruction
  • Classroom, WHMIS, video and applied training
  • Code of Conduct instruction
  • Standardized uniforms
  • Company guide book

Computer Technology

  • T-TRACCS Telephone Timekeeping: Verifies worker attendance using Caller ID & Voice recording. Immediately notifies supervisors of 'no-shows' ensuring uninterrupted service.
  • Palm Pilot Technology: From there the information is tracked and measured.
  • Instant information: All respects of your account are on our servers. We can email all relevant data within seconds such as cleaner names, access cards, key logs, walk through notes, etc.